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11 Nov 2020
Putting People First Conference

The Putting People First Conference stood by its title of being a people centric themed event filled with learning, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities. This exclusive event inspired and incited knowledge sharing within our member organisations through keynote presentations, educational workshops, round table discussions and networking opportunities. Conference Speakers, Panellists and Hosts can be found here.

To continue the legacy of this monumental event, we have curated the following key resources to support your continuous learning, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

Watch the conference by viewing the video below (you must be logged in to your membership account to view - if you are having difficulty accessing it please email max at Alternatively, you can watch a specific session of interest by click on the subject titles and descriptions below


Keynote address with Matthew Higham, Chief Digital Officer for Microsoft UK by Laura Meyer, CIO of Harper Collins Publishers

Matthew shared his thoughts and insights on the impact of Covid-19 on transforming Microsoft's ways of working as well as the wider impact of pandemic on society as we know it.

‘Recreating Those Watercooler Moments’ with Katya Linossi, CEO & Co-Founder at ClearPeople
Katya facilitated a discussion on key informal moments that we miss most from the office and the impact this has on our working lives. She also shared some proven ways on how to build rapport in a virtual environment. 
Access the ‘Recreating those watercooler moments’ presentation here

'How the Hybrid Workplace Reshapes Communication’ with Vanessa Johnson Mildenberg, Head of Communications and Change at WPP IT
Vanessa shared her expertise and experience on how to navigate transition to hybrid or remote- first cultures, and on how to fill in any gaps that might require smaller process or more complex behavioural changes.
‘Acceleration of Global Integration, the new virtual way. Why businesses need to meet the challenge of digital acceleration.’ with Carlos Brito, Director of Engineering at MediaCom
Carlos Brito shared his story on the trials and tribulations on helping their teams to collaborate remotely when co-location had been part of their DNA, and shared key challenges MediaCom faced during the accelerated adoption of virtual ways of working. 

Access the ‘Acceleration of Global Integration, the new virtual way’ presentation here: (Must be logged in to your membership account to access)
How To Create Relationships and Build Trust within the Remote Working Environment’ with Anna Danes, Founder at Ricaris
Anna Danes, expert in managing distributed teams, shared her expertise and gave practical advice on how to create and build long standing, trusting relationships within the remote working environment. 

Access How to Create Relationships and Build Trust within the Remote Working Environment’ here

Anna Dane’s also ran another session for us in April. ‘How to Run fantastic remote meetings’ can we viewed here:

‘Digging For Gold; The Knowledge Opportunity in the New World’ with Gabriel Karawani, Co-Founder of ClearPeople
Organisations have the opportunity of a lifetime to move from siloed ways of working and harness knowledge that in the past has been difficult to tap into.  This interactive session was packed with practical tips and guidance on how to use technology to take advantage of this opportunity now and in 2021.

Access ‘Digging For Gold; The Knowledge Opportunity in the New World’ here

‘How to Become A Role Model for Mental Agility in Your Organisation’ with Maeve Waite, Work Psychologist and Wellbeing & Engagement Manager at the Science and Technology Facilities Council
The behaviour of all the leaders in the organisation makes an enormous difference to how they feel about themselves and their work. So, we all need to take care of our own mental health and wellbeing and set a good example. Maeve provided a personal toolkit and effective strategies to remain mentally and physically agile. 
View ‘How to Become a Role Model for Mental Agility in Your Organisation’ here 

Keynote with Chintan Patel, Chief Technologist & Engineering Director at Cisco by Pooja Bagga, Director Business IT at Royal Mail 
Chintan shared his thoughts on what new experiences will be created for employees and customers in the “next normal”, what new norms of collaboration will emerge and what new priorities technology leaders need to identify.

‘How To Make Inclusion Everyone’s Priority Within a Hybrid Working Environment’ was an interactive panel discussion with: 

- Mollie Brentnall, Senior IT Customer Solutions Manager at DHL
- Emma Feltham, Head of IT Delivery at National Trust
- Gerry Mulvihill, Head of Programme Management Group at SSE
Our panellists shared their best practices on how to prioritise inclusion in a hybrid workplace where striking the right balance between flexibility, productivity and the feeling of belonging has become even more paramount.
View this guide to find out more tips on CITF Gender Balance and Diversity & Inclusion: If you are interested in joining this special interest group, please contact

To support the topics discussed in this session, CITF also offer external mentoring as part of our services, to discover more about this visit our section of the website dedicated to mentoring: 

‘Managing Complexity and Ambiguity within your IT Function’ with John Harris, Former Global CTO at Mundipharma IT Services
John shared challenges he has faced in establishing the Office of the CTO at Mundipharma, and how he worked with his team to develop a simple operating framework that many other "Office of..." functions will find helpful in the current environment
View ‘Managing Complexity and Ambiguity within your IT Function’ Presentation here: (must be logged in to view)
Operating Model Template – By John Harris, Former CTO at Mundipharma IT Services 
‘How To Lead in a Hybrid Work Environment’ with Natasha Harris, HR Director to Chief Digital Information Officer Group at HM Revenue and Customs
This final keynote summerised the importance of Leaders advocating the behaviours that should be exhibited within their organisations. Natasha also shared questions she asked herself as a leader when she thinks about the world post-Covid; and the leadership legacy she would like to leave at HMRC.

Natasha was also a guest of honour at our ‘Dignity in the Workplace’ session which can be viewed here:




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