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Pathway: Practical Agile

Practical Agile is the first professional development pathway to launch 24th February 2021 and will comprise of 4 distinct modules made up of live interactive workshops, digital resourcing and mentoring. 

The series will be delivered by practitioners who have successfully adopted Agile in their teams as well as by Agile coaches who provide a fantastic mixture of experiences and expertise. The anticipated timing for each workshop is 90-120 minutes. 

More information regarding our Professional Development Pathways will be shared on this page. Please contact shereen@citf.tech to register an interest and you will be added to the pre-registration waiting list.

Pathway: Careers in Technology

Careers in Technology 
is the second professional development pathway launching on 26th February 2021 and will comprise of 8 distinct modules made up of live interactive workshops, digital materials, coaching and mentoring sessions. 

The series is for those interested in career progression and will help in assessing their career plans, identifying opportunities and help plan those next career steps.

Pathway: Leading with Effective Communication

Leading with Effective Communication development pathways is the third in the series and is comprised of 8 distinct modules set to provide you with the tools, understanding, and understanding as to how to communicate, what to communicate and to whom in a way which will both enable you and empower your team.

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