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    Learn, Share, Grow

    • Networking and Connections
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    • Skills Development
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    • Leadership Development

How will your organisation benefit from CITF membership?

CITF is a vital part of the technology landscape in the UK. Our goals are to be your road to knowledge, contacts and professional development. .With members from leading businesses across industry, joining up offers unparalleled peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities for tech professionals.


How your team benefits from CITF membership

Be part of the conversation

Join and engage with a network of over 5,000 technology professionals. We also engage experts from the industry, coaches and our partners to provide our members with thought leadership.

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Professional Development

Online and face to face learning and development opportunities which make your staff more efficient and effective.

Our upcoming events


Impartial Information

Our membership is sales-free – you won’t be bombarded with unwanted sales pitches. That means you get neutral and impartial information.

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Boost staff productivity

Learning from peers helps your teams learn about new ways to solve business problems.

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Your teams will develop professional contacts and relationships, creating connections. We know we don’t have all the answers so we are open to working with experts.

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Invest in your talent pool

With the tech skills shortage looming large, CITF’s leadership development programmes help you build a talent pipeline.

Our Future Leaders Initiative


Enhance your status

Fantastic opportunities to stand out from the crowd as a presenter, mentor, content contributor or a member of our membership bodies.

Cross-organisational mentoring


Benchmark your organisation

Find out if you’re on the right track and see how your achievements measure up to industry progress.

The Real IT Awards


Save money

CIOs at our members’ organisations tell us that membership saves them money they’d otherwise spend on expensive consultants.

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Member quotes

“Membership of CITF saved 6-9 months of wasted time and effort for my organisation by interacting with Forum members".

Head of IT Contract and Change | Central Government, Agencies and Departments



“I use The Forum as a trusted source of expertise and the ability to contact peers that I know have been using the same type of technology, which will allow us to assess if we are going in the right direction or not".

CIO | Wholesale and retail



Be the technologist you can be:

Attend some of 24 targetted industry peer-to-peer learning events.
Learn from 36 case study webinars per year.
Save money on consultants by getting information from trusted peers.
Get a mentor from a pool of over 5,000 current members.
Understand more about more than 20 industries represented.
Give feedback and share your expertise.

Our membership profile 

5,500 technology professionals


50+ member organisations


Representing over 20 different industries

The benefits 


The programme 

The programme contains workshops, industry masterclasses and webcasts, which are available to the whole team, as well as leadership forums for technology leaders.

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