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25 Jan 2023
Leadership Reinvented

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Guest Speaker Topic - Leadership Reinvented

Designed by David Edmonds, an Executive Coach at Certus Coaching, this workshop will coach you on redefining what leadership means to you, challenging yourself and creating leadership mindset to help you fuel your motivation and aspirations.  If you want to transform your professional positioning, this workshop will support you.

You will be taken through a series of learning experiences to explore how to:

  • ADVANCE your leadership strategies and influence.
  • ANALYSE and RECOGNISE your own model for success and in the process find new, exciting opportunities
  • TRANSFORM your reputation as a leader enhancing the trajectory of your career by enabling yourself to embrace the changing world.

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David Edmonds


For over ten years, I have had the privilege of coaching people to have BREAKTHROUGHS in all areas of their lives. My purpose is to inspire people so that they live a fulfilled life and live it well. I love to coach high-achievers to explore new possibilities and attain greater levels of success that they believed impossible with their original mindset. Through powerful and impactful coaching, my clients remove unconscious self-imposed limits, which have a real and lasting impact on their careers and lives as a whole. I can see how powerful my clients are… even when they can’t see it for themselves. My clients all have one thing in common. They want more from their lives. If this sounds like you, let’s talk and explore if working together is a good fit.



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