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20 Feb 2020
Influence through storytelling: make an impact

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If you want to be more influential within your organisation more successfully, this is the workshop for you! 

Storytelling is a fantastic tool in persuading colleagues and stakeholders. It is a skill that can create empathy and understanding, which can, in turn, lead to significant change within your organisation. As an uncommonly-held skill, it can add a unique dimension to your skillset that sets you apart.

Join this workshop to find out the key components of successful storytelling. You'll also get an opportunity for some hands-on digital storytelling, run by Seenit, the people-powered video platform. They'll show you how you can use video as a medium for successful storytelling, by providing advice and demonstrations on creating compelling videos on low budgets and without professional film crews.

The central theme of the workshop will be around how you can use storytelling to help push new diversity and inclusion initiatives within your organisation. The skills you will learn in this workshop, however, will be applicable to all initiatives you are looking to take forward in your organisation.

What you will learn in this workshop: 

  • What storytelling is and why you should be using it to become a better influencer
  • How you can be a fantastic storyteller, by understanding the skills and characteristics required
  • When video can be used for storytelling, and what elements it can bring to support the changes you want in your organisation
  • How to be a storyteller through video

Arrival and registration
10:00 Welcome and introduction
10:05 Warmup activity
10:20 Presentation: Vanessa Mildenberg | Head of Communications | WPP. The what, why and how of storytelling.
11:00 Coffee and cake
11:20 Interactive activity
12:00 Lunch and networking
12:45 Presentation: Emily Forbes | Founder and CEO | Seenit. Bring your story to life
13:15 Hands-on demo activity: Video for storytelling
14:00 Storytelling in action: CITF's new gender balance best practice guide
14:15 Summary and reflection
14:30 Session close


Vanessa Mildenberg | Head of Communications and Change | WPP IT
The what, why and how of storytelling

Emily Forbes | Founder and CEO | Seenit
Freddy Cleveley  | Customer Success Manager | Seenit

In a world where attention is scarce, video can be a great medium to bring your story to life. You don’t need big budgets or a professional film crew to create engaging and inclusive videos with your people. Join us for an interactive session about how to use video to share your D&I stories.
•    Learn about the power of storytelling and how video can best amplify your stories
•    Learn how to celebrate and educate around your D&I stories through authentic, inclusive and collaborative videos
•    Get tips and tricks on how to create compelling videos efficiently and cost-effectively 
•    See examples of how video can help you bring your D&I stories to life

Catchup on our livestream
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Vanessa Mildenberg, WPP IT

Emily Forbes and Freddy Cleveley, Seenit



Vanessa Johnson Mildenberg

Head of Communications and Change, WPP IT


Vanessa is an experienced and highly-skilled change management and communications professional who has combined deep skills in communication, performance, arts, and cross-disciplinary pedagogy with work in global transformation projects. She relishes in taking a transformation vision from rhetoric to practice as much as she enjoys building trusted relationships with stakeholders and business partners on all levels of management.

Emily Forbes

Founder & CEO, SeenIt


Emily founded Seenit 5 years ago with a mission to create a more open, human and inclusive world through the power of collaborative storytelling. With the belief that everyone has a story worth telling, and an opinion worth contributing, she has built a platform to enable any organisation to co-create video with their own employees, amplifying the voices of those most knowledgeable and passionate about a subject or situation. Seenit today is working across the UK, Europe and US powering stories for customers such as Amazon, HSBC, Spotify and Novartis.

Freddy Cleveley

Customer Success Manager, SeenIt


Freddy has been working in the user-generated content space for the past 5 years. He currently works in Seenit’s Customer Success team helping organisations to create video content in a more inclusive way by leveraging the diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives and voices that are present in every large corporate.

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