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23 Jan 2020
Office 365 – collaborating successfully through Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s suite of services can be found throughout many organisations across the globe. With the launch and creation of Office 365, Microsoft has integrated its most used applications such as Outlook, Word, and many more bundled into one large service. Globally, 120 million businesses make use of Office 365, a cloud-based, subscription model giving users the ability to be truly dynamic and collaborative. 

However, Microsoft’s product offering can be a minefield to some employees, in particular to educating users on the differences and benefits that Office 365 brings from the traditional office package (pre-cloud).

In this workshop you will gain an understanding about how each of these tools are used and their product benefits.

What you will learn at this workshop:

  • How to create and use MS Teams as an effective collaboration tool for practical work 
  • Importance of sharing and co-authoring files and how to embed a collaborative digital culture, moving away from email as a source of truth
  • How to successfully drive productivity through MS Teams and what KPIs can be measured 
  • Collaborating with external suppliers


09:30 Registration and breakfast. On arrival, ask reception for the CITF event and they will direct you to us
10:00 Welcome and introduction
10:10 Warm up activity - Uncommon commonalities 
10:30 Facilitated discussion: The art of the possible - what can Microsoft Teams do for you?
11:00 Presentation: Louise McGrath, Project Manager, Tata Steel Europe. Microsoft Teams for Agile & International Teams: It’s about behaviours
11:45 Coffee and Cake break
12:05 Interactive activity: Problem solving – breaking the adoption challenge!
13:00 Lunch
13:35 Speed networking
14:20 Interactive activity: Managing teams – building a collaborative culture while keeping security in mind
14:45 Coffee and cake break
15:00 Ask the expert: Charles Fenoughty, Digital Director, Sequel Group
15:35 Interactive activity: Our tangible takeaways
15:50 Summary and reflection
16:00 End of workshop

It's about behaviours, Louise McGrath, Tata Steel Europe
Louise McGrath from Tata Steel Europe joined us on the 23 January to present how to change behaviours and utilise Microsoft Teams. Check out how she managed to successfully utilise MS Teams within her department.

Getting started on MS Teams, Charles Fenoughty, Sequel Group
Charles Fenoughty, from Sequel Group joined us to present how to get started using Microsoft Teams from the basics to the technical level on how MS Teams functions with other MS programmes. You can view a past webinar titled 'How to: Making an impact with collaboration tools' by Charles Fenoughty here: https://www.citf.tech/event/webinar/1411-ht-impact-with-collaboration-tools.



It's about behaviours

Louise McGrath, Tata Steel Europe

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Ask the expert and workshop summary

Charles Fenoughty, Sequel Group

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Personas, Business Scenarios, Success Factors

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Louise McGrath

Project Manager, Tata Steel Europe


Louise project managed Ecommerce for Tata Steel in Mainland Europe leading to the first implementation in 2016 and ongoing iterations. She is responsible for Logistics, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing application enhancements with multiple vendor application teams, spread across 5 countries and 2 continents. She is continuously improving team collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Charles Fenoughty

Digital Director, Sequel Group


Charles Fenoughty is a content advocate and audience specialist who enjoys the challenge of matching complicated audience requirements to the ever-changing digital world.

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