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12 Sep 2019
Surviving in a world of privacy risks

How can we best protect the data of our customers? Advancements and utilisation of technology in everyday aspects of life are increasingly putting personal privacy issues into the spotlight. Amazon’s Alexa suite of offerings has recently come under fire from the US Senate, as to why Amazon is indefinitely storing the text transcripts of people using their Alexa smart home device. The US Senate has highlighted issues around Amazon’s privacy and data security practices highlighting the Alexa devices were putting users at risk as well as any recordings that are taken in without users’ knowledge. 

This bodes the question of how much privacy do people have and how can firms ensure that any customer data used is not at risk?

Companies that utilise customer data have a duty of care in order to ensure that any privacy risks are minimised. Employees that have key roles within data privacy need to have a mindset of keeping data secure from the outset for example, how can software developers create robust systems to minimise privacy risks and the successful strategies that work.

Key Learnings from this session:

  • Effective methods for assessing and controlling privacy risks
  • Successful privacy strategies implemented by organisations and how this worked
  • Areas overlooked when considering privacy risks
  • How you can make GDPR a key component in your risk strategy

Confirmed Speakers

Dariusz Glowinski | Senior Network Engineer | Home Office
Risk Management: A Quantitative vs Qualitative perspective
Dariusz' presentation will be about 'Risk' in general, moving onto risk management as domains of IT Governance and Cyber-Risk, all from within a 'privacy' context.

Dariusz walks us through the importance of Risk Management and the successful ways this can be achieved to protect privacy

Simon Turner | Head of Operations | Haymarket Media Group
Implementing data protection in a digital business within a complex and fast-changing technology infrastructure. Bringing colleagues along with you as you introduce the General Data Protection Regulation and beyond to imbed new processes and behaviours in an organisation.

Simon explains the importance of data within Haymarket and how it's diversified their revenue pool and what this means in terms of GDPR and it's successful implementation

Bill Noah | Information Security Officer - Group | TUI Group
Colleague Awareness and Behavioural Change Programme
The TUI Information Security Team had the challenge of implementing a colleague Awareness and Behavioural Change programme that would embed secure behaviours across a global organisation with a wide variety of languages and cultures. Focusing on five ‘Golden Rules’ and creating a simple and fun bespoke information security campaign, TUI delivered an outstanding result. TUI demonstrated significant colleague engagement, resonating with people globally and improving knowledge that colleagues can use in their personal lives as well as at work. The programme is set to continue to convert learning into tangible action, new and lasting behaviours that will ultimately empower TUI’s colleagues to become the strongest form of defence.

Bill shares how TUI group have managed to improve privacy education within teams via creating Sol and the Sol Protection Factor (SPF) interactive tool

Provisional Agenda
09:30 Arrival and registration
10:00 Welcome and introduction
10:10 Goal setting
10:25 Open discussion: Should user privacy be the main focus of any cyber security and risk management efforts?
10:50 Presentation: Dariusz Glowinski, Home Office. Risk Management: A Quantitative vs Qualitative perspective. Followed by Q&A.
11:40 Refreshment break
12:00 Open discussion: How do you keep your user education up-to-date and consistent across the organisation?
12:25 Presentation: Simon Turner, Haymarket Media Group. Team GDPR. Followed by Q&A
13:15 Lunch
14:15 Morning summary - the key takeaways
14:25 Presentation: Bill Noah, TUI Group. Colleague Awareness and Behavioural Change Programme. Followed by Q&A
15:15 Refreshment break
15:30 Summary discussion and determining what future topics to address
16:00 Close




 12 September 2019

Simon Turner - Haymarket Media Group

Download Simon's presentation from this workshop.

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 12 September 2019

Bill Noah - Tui Group

Download Noah's presentation from this workshop.

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12 September 2019

Key Takeaways

Download the summary from this workshop.

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Bill Noah

Information Security Officer, Group - TUI Group


Bill Noah is Information Security Officer (Group Functions) at TUI Group since 2014, dedicated to making information security part of everyone’s life focussing on customer elements of travel (Digital, Aviation, Cruise, Hotels & Destinations).  Previously Bill worked for GfK (Market Information) as CIO and prior to that as Group Systems Director at Kantar Research. He started his career at CSC as a software engineer moving into infrastructure and Information Security.

Dariusz Glowinski

Senior Network Engineer, Home Office


Simon Turner

Head of Operations, Haymarket Media Group


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