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20 Nov 2019
What does a modern-day project manager look like?

Projects are unique, utilise planned objectives and use a variety of resources. Unlike on-going management roles, project management has a final deliverable and a finite timespan. As a result, Project Managers need a wide range of skills; often technical skills, people management as well as being business savvy in order to successfully deliver on-time and within budget.

This workshop will investigate the fundamentals of project management as well as how the development of technology has changed the way projects are managed in the 21st century and the effective skills needed in order to be successful. The day will include major case studies that will be used as learning points as well as an open discussion. An important aspect that will also be analysed is the skills needed at a senior level and the level of influence they can exert within an organisation.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of modern-day project management and the skills and competencies needed to take on a senior role and how to develop them 
  • Learn how to change you and your team's mindset from using Waterfall to Agile techniques
  • How to measure a project’s success and what techniques and technologies Project Manager should be using, and why
  • Learn how to successfully tackle people management challenges as a Project Manager


09:30 Arrival and registration
10:00 Welcome and introduction
10:10 Discussion: what are the challenges modern-day project managers face?
10:30 Presentation: Luke Reader, Le Boat. Case study: Winning Ways. Followed by Q&A
11:15 Break
11:30 Presentation: Dr Cristina Iturralde, Said Business School. Staying relevant in a changing technological landscape. Followed by Q&A
12:15 Open discussion: Adapting project management in an environment of constant change
12:45 Lunch
13:30 Morning summary
13:45 Attendee mini-presentations: where are you now focusing your development on to be a better project manager?
14:15 Presentation: Ibraheem Olatunde, Lookers. Adoption of Agile in a Waterfall environment and vice versa. Followed by Q&A
15:00 Presentation: Laura Squires, Haymarket Automotive. It’s all about the people. Followed by Q&A
15:45 Summary and individual reflection time
16:00 Close

Confirmed Speakers

Luke Reader | Senior IT Project Manager | Travelopia

Case study: Winning Ways
Luke will share four key areas that led to the successfully delivery of le boat's website redevelopment project, which won Project of the Year (over £250,000) at the Real IT Awards 2019. A two-year project, led by a cross-functional team across IT, Sales and Marketing delivered a website that not only provides a far better customer experience and more sustainable development environment – it has added significant value to the business, evident through a 12% increase in online revenue, and 20% increase in hard user conversion year on year.

Laura Squires | Head of Delivery | Haymarket Automotive
It's all about people
No matter how you look at it people are at the heart of what we do. Haymarket Automotive had a significant investment in 2017, especially in technology. At this point it was not about managing projects it was about managing people and defining a whole new delivery strategy to support a fast-growing business model. Laura will talk through what she went through, the thought process and the outcomes.

Dr Cristina Iturralde | Senior IT Project Manager | Said Business School
Staying relevant in a changing technological landscape

Ibraheem Olatunde | Project Manager | Lookers plc
Adoption of Agile in a Waterfall Environment and vice versa
When we are set in our ways, change can be hard. Ibraheem has taken on projects either from start or mid-way where he realised that the change could be better managed, if only they adopted a different methodology. He will be presenting on ways that Project Managers can win-over teams who are used to Waterfall delivery methods to adopt Agile. Or more generally how teams can be engaged to use alternative project delivery methodologies.




Luke Reader

Senior IT Project Manager, Travelopia


Luke has over 25 years experience in IT, 20 of them in project and operational management roles. With a background including telecoms, merchant banking, insurance and professional services, Luke currently serves as a Senior Project Manager at Travelopia, a 4,000-strong international provider of tailored holiday experiences.

Laura Squires

Head of Delivery, Haymarket Media Group - Automotive


Laura has worked in project management for over 10 years, now heading up the development and delivery team at Haymarket Media Group - Automotive. Passionate about delivery and people management and embracing change.

Dr Cristina Iturralde

Senior IT Project Manager, Saïd Business School


Cristina is passionate about helping people and teams reach their objectives. Throughout her career, I have worked independently and as part of different teams, supporting and leading multi-disciplinary projects in UK and internationally. She has experience in supporting continuous improvement processes and believes in the use of technology to help us be more efficient and effective in what we do.

Ibraheem Olatunde

Project Manager, Lookers


A people and change enthusiast with over 10 years experience of performance, people and change management. Project Manager on digital transformation initiatives and lead on business change programmes within Financial Services and Automotive sectors. Masters in International Management, Prince2 and Agile PM practitioner. Agile advocate and work with project teams to adopt agile way of working in non-software development spaces.

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