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09 Oct 2019
Demystifying the world of product management

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Product Managers are responsible for guiding the success of a product and leading cross-functional teams to improve the offering or service that their organisation supplies.

According to a study carried out by 280 Group, it is estimated that an effective well-versed Product Manager could increase company profits by 34.2%, despite this over 60.3% of executive leaders only have a partial understanding of the value that a Product Manager can bring into the business.

Therefore, how can current and future Product Managers interested in the field show their value within the team and wider business?

Throughout this exciting workshop, we will explore how Product Management has adapted in the new digital world and how global interest into Product Management has exploded, with interest in the job market doubling online and the consequences.

What you will learn at this workshop:

  • How to handle top-down hierarchy culture and change the perception of the wider organisation on who Product Managers are and their importance
  • Importance of spending time strategizing as a Product Manager and be empowered decision-makers
  • What makes an effective Product Manager and the skills needed to develop an effective product and deal with common challenges
  • Evaluate your product ranges and suggest alternatives for performance improvement and the development of strategies

09:30 Arrival and registration
10:00 Presentation: Aeneas McDonnell, News UK. What is product? Followed by Q&A
11:15 Break
11:30 Open discussion: Product management in your organisation
11:45 Presentation: Paul Weaver and Alex Sturtivant, Cancer Research UK. A practical guide to introducing product management at your organisation and how to deliver success through products. Followed by Q&A.
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Morning summary
13:45 Presentation: Holly Lansberry, Travis Perkins. Moving from Product Owner to Product Manager - What's the difference and how do you successfully transition?. Followed by Q&A.
14:30 Break
14:45 Presentation: Katie Beggs, Eversheds Sutherland. Topic TBC. Followed by Q&A
15:30 Summary discussion and individual actions
15:45 Future topics to be covered
16:00 Close

Presentation Descriptions

Aeneas McDonnell | Product Director for The Times/Sunday Times | News UK

What is product?
Aeneas's presentation will talk members through what actually is a product and the importance the team has within The Times/ Sunday Times and the pragmatic way they approach innovation, whilst always keeping customers the centre of focus throughout. 

Paul Weaver | Head of Digital Products | Cancer Research UK
Alex Sturtivant
| Product Manager | Cancer Research UK
A practical guide to introducing product management at your organisation and how to deliver success through products
Alex and Paul will be talking about Cancer Research UK’s journey moving to a product management model. They’ll touch on the benefits a product mindset has brought, the challenges faced and the importance of understanding organisational culture before attempting the transformation.

The talk will dive into what it actually means to empower product teams with the freedom to deliver against outcomes, and how this can be difficult in a large organisation.
They will also cover some key successes from their eCommerce product (runner-up in the Product Team of the Year awards 2019), including how working iteratively towards an outcome is a more effective way of adding business value, and how to encourage stakeholders to collaborate in this way.

Holly Lansberry | Digital Product Manager | Travis Perkins
Moving from Product Owner to Product Manager - What's the difference and how do you successfully transition?
Holly will cover the transferable skills required to be successful in the Product Manager role, pitfalls to avoid, and what the future holds for Product Managers and how to get ready for it. Should Product Managers sit with the Business or IT? How do we address "Top Down Agile"? And how do deal with more data at our fingertips than ever before.

Katie Beggs | Business Relationship Manager | Eversheds Sutherland
REfocus Portal - RITA 2019 Winner
Katie joins us to explain how her team at Eversheds Sutherland managed to create an agile product management team, whilst creating a new product for lawyers and delivering a value ROI across the organisation. Katie shares her knowledge and insight into their successes and the practices they utilised in making them 2019 RITA winners.


 09 October 2019

Key Takeaway

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Aeneas McDonnell

Product Director for The Times/Sunday Times, News UK


Holly Lansberry

Digital Product Manager, Travis Perkins


A Product Manager with 7 years experience working with Scrum teams as a Product Owner for B2B and B2C companies. Holly has worked with remote Scrum teams from India, Ukraine and Portugal as well as co-located teams in the UK. She has delivered digital products for websites, mobile apps, voice assistants and even Facebook Messenger! Now she's undertaking her biggest challenge to date by managing the Product team for the FTSE250, B2B company, Travis Perkins.

Paul Weaver

Head of Digital Products, Cancer Research UK


Over the past 5 years Paul has shaped how CRUK delivers much of its technology portfolio through both core and innovative solutions. He is responsible for ensuring the technology products deliver strategic value for CRUK, fostering a healthy product management culture and developing the next generation of product managers. Paul has always loved new products (both physical and digital!) and is passionate about taking a lean, iterative approach to delivery.

Alex Sturtivant

Product Manager, Cancer Research UK


Having joined CRUK on their Technology graduate scheme, Alex has experience working in a wide range of digital teams including Digital Innovation, Content & Search, and Product Management. As an accomplished product manager, Alex is passionate about delivering great value to the end-user, whilst thinking strategically about the direction of the product and ensuring commercial viability. He’s led CRUK’s eCommerce product team for the past 18 months and is now exploring options to introduce a new Content Management System.

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