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25 Apr 2019
How to utilise voice technology to deliver great customer service

Adoption and use of voice-enabled devices is rising. Predictions are immense for the years ahead, but even current statistics show that 78 million smart speakers were sold in 2018, up from 34.7 million in 2017 (Canalys). Alongside this, the variety of instances where voice technology can be applied is constantly expanding as organisations look to interact with consumers in new and exciting ways. Join this workshop to find out how you can use voice technology to deliver new, great services for your customers.

At this workshop you will hear tips from your peers on how to make a success with voice technology, as well as how they have been using it in their organisation. We are also delighted to have Google joining us, who will discuss Intelligent Digital Assistants and how they are shaping new consumer behaviours - providing valuable unique insights for your business.

This event is perfect for anyone interested in voice technology, regardless of how far along the journey you are in bringing it to your organisation.

The location for the workshop is the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London Kensington. View here on Google maps. This event is free to everyone within the membership to attend, with all catering included. Unsure if you are a member? Just email will@citf.tech.

Key Takeaways
  • Learn how you can be utilising voice technology to bring your customer service offering to the next level
  • Gain a clear understanding of what different voice technologies are available, and for what purposes
  • Network with peers from across industry to tackle your challenges in voice technology and more widely

Speaker presentations

Chris Gathercole | Director of FT Labs | Financial Times
The FT's voice technology journey
FT Labs has been exploring the nascent Voice Technology, seeking to answer 3 main questions: Is it a thing? Is it good enough? Is the FT ready for it? Along the way, we have built working prototypes, including deploying a voice app to the main ecosystems, painfully acquiring much knowledge and insight along the way. The answers to the 3 questions are: maybe, no, and no.

Rob Leyland | Innovation Manager | Cancer Research UK
Getting enabled: practical approaches to voice technology
Drawing on 2 years’ experience investigating uses of voice technology in the charity sector, Rob will share some tips on how to get started building out voice capability within an organisation. He’ll cover important considerations when designing and building with voice technology and what he’s learnt about its potential, as well as some of the barriers to success. Cancer Research UK have released a number of applications for voice devices, and won the runner up award in the ‘Best use of Emerging Technology’ category at the Real IT Awards 2018 for their use of voice technology with Amazon Alexa.

Nelson Pereira | Head of Customer Engineering | Google Cloud
The emerging of rich customer insights from raw data to Intelligent Customer Assistants
The era of Intelligent Digital Assistants(IDA) is shaping new consumer behaviours allowing them to get things done quicker and more efficiently. IDAs are today part of consumers' daily routine and the expectation set by them is now reflected in the interaction that consumers look to have with companies.
As organisations need to rethink their business models and their interaction with consumers, data is at the core of these interactions.
On this talk we will explore how organisations are already taking advantage of IDA's, how they are a key component in process automation and what we can expect from the future of Digital Assistants.  

Provisional Agenda
09:30 Arrival and registration
10:00 Welcome and introduction
10:15 Goal setting and discussion: the shared challenges of utilising voice technology
10:45 Presentation: Rob Leyland, Cancer Research UK. Getting enabled: practical approaches to voice technology
11:30 Break
11:50 Presentation: Chris Gathercole, Financial Times. The FT's voice technology journey.
12:40 Lunch
13:40 Interactive session
14:30 Break
14:50 Presentation: Nelson Pereira, Google Cloud. The emerging of rich customer insights from raw data to Intelligent Customer Assistants
15:45 Summary
16:00 Close


Cancellation Policy

Please note: While CITF events are free to attend under member corporate subscriptions, if notice of cancellation is provided late - received after 48 hours prior to the day preceding the event (cancellation via the website will be disabled at this time) - or if no cancellation notice is received, a fee of £100 + VAT may be applied.


 25 April 2019

Summary: How to utilise voice technology to deliver great customer service

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Chris Gathercole

Director of FT Labs, Financial Times


Chris has been Head of FT Labs for the past three years, where they are looking for gaps and opportunities to help the FT reach and engage with readers who find value in their rich content. An innovator, strategist, software architect, analyst, team manager and Scrum Master, with wide-ranging experience in academia (PhD), e-commerce (lastminute.com, bt.com), and media (ft.com), User-Centred Design, Machine Learning, rapid prototyping, and team dynamics

Rob Leyland

Innovation Manager, Cancer Research UK


Rob is the Emerging Technology Product Lead at Cancer Research UK and has been at the charity for 3 years. His role involves building in-house expertise and capability with emerging tech and identifying and evidencing valuable uses for the charity through prototyping, testing and learning. Rob has specialised in conversational artificial intelligence, including voice technology and chatbots.

Nelson Pereira

Head of Customer Engineering, Google Cloud


Nelson leads a team of talented Google Customer Engineers for the UK&I region. A self-confessed data geek, having worked in various Data Architect roles.  Before joining Google he spent 10 years helping customers derive value and insights from a range of Data Solutions. Now as the lead of Google's Cloud UK&I team, he helps translate customer and market requirements into new enterprise GTM solutions. Today Nelson spends the majority of his time looking at emerging technologies, shifting traditional customer mindsets, to help organisations democratise their data.

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