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28 Feb 2019
How to use automation technology to improve business

We welcome the whole of the CITF membership to join us for an inspiring workshop, discovering how automation technology has the power to transform the way organisations function and provide real business benefit.

Successful organisations don’t treat automation as a silver bullet but they leverage automation to create appropriate business processes and environment to support their vision.  How to avoid a risk of automating inefficient business processes is a question many organisations are currently facing.  Find out how to increase the benefits of IT deployment and create the required organisational capabilities. 

Discussions will begin with how we create the culture necessary to fully drive value out of your investment in emerging technologies. This will touch on proper change management for job losses and job changes, including retraining for the new skill sets required.
The day will then move on how you make your organisation data-driven - a key pre-requisite to taking full advantage of automation technology.
Finally, we will have case studies on the technology currently available and how it has helped organisations save time, save money, and drive growth.

We look forward to seeing you at this workshop to join this pioneering discussion

The location will be in central London, with the exact venue confirmed shortly.

Session Takeaways

  • Learn how automation technology will impact the culture of your organisation, and what steps to take to make that change positive
  • Why a data-driven approach is key to successfully take advantage of this technology, and how to bring that approach into your organisation
  • How to decide what processes can be automated and the factors that should be considered when making those decisions

09:30 Arrival and registration
10:00 Welcome, introductions and goal setting
10:25 Presentation: Darren Atkins, East Sussex and North Essex Foundation Trust
11:10 Break
11:25 Interactive discussion: Creating a culture that embraces automation
12:00 Presentation: Richard Pugh, Mango Solutions
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Table work: What new skills will we need to learn for automation technology?
14:15 Break
14:30 Presentation: Pfuma Makwembere, HM Revenue and Customs
15:30 Interactive discussion: Our action plan for embracing automation
15:50 Summary
16:00 Close

Presentation descriptions

Darren Atkins, East Sussex and North Essex Foundation Trust
Making Time Matter with Robotic Process Automation

Darren will share his ‘real-world’ experience of implementing RPA within a large healthcare organisation. How do you get staff to embrace automation? How do you to make time matter?  What processes are best? How to create a Centre of Excellence? All these questions and more will be answered in this exciting and thought-provoking presentation.

Richard Pugh, Mango Solutions
to a truly data-driven company – effective tips to secure a smarter, more agile business
Almost all companies are investing in some sort of data project – data analytics, big data, AI, data science. It’s important that data science delivers rather than a phrase that becomes associated with expensive initiatives that do not make a meaningful business impact.
With careful planning organisations are delivering value out of their data, but what they are attempting isn’t really about digital first and foremost.  It’s actually about the necessity of transforming their business model.
So what is the jargon of data science, what does it really mean, and why should business leaders care?
Richard will look at some effective tips for businesses that have the best chance of succeeding in their mission to become data driven – and therefore in their wider digital transformation strategy as a whole.

Shingisai Pfuma Makwembere, HMRC
Interrogate, Integrate, Innovate.  Using Automation as a driver for Disruptive Innovation

Pfuma will presentation on the following:
- What disruptive innovation is
- Using automation as an enabling technology
- Intrrogate: Understanding the 'Job to be Done'
- Innovate: The art of disruptive innovation
- Integrate: Realigning current practices to achieve the 'Job to be Done'

Cancellation Policy

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 28 February 2019

Summary: How to use automation technology to improve business

Download this CITF summary on how to use automation technology to improve your business.

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Darren Atkins

Deputy Director of IT, East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation NHS Trust (ESNEFT)


Darren Atkins is leading the robotic automation programme for East Suffolk & North East Essex NHS Foundation Trust. Using the philosophy of ‘Time Matters’, ESNEFT’s bots have released over 2200 hours of time in just 6 months. This has allowed front-line clinical staff to spend more time with patients, increase job satisfaction, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. ESNEFT’s innovative automation for handling GP patient referrals was awarded Project of the Year 2018 from the Global Sourcing Association and has been featured in national publications and on BBC TV. Darren has an ambitious roadmap of automations and freely shares his ideas and learning with other organisations.

Richard Pugh

Chief Data Scientist & Co-Founder, Mango Solutions


Richard Pugh is Mango Solutions’ Chief Data Scientist and has over 20 years’ experience of working with data. As co-founder of Mango, Richard has led a wide range of ground-breaking data science projects for some of the most forward thinking companies in the world, which has allowed him to make his vision of proactive, data driven business culture a reality. In his day-to-day role, Richard spends much of his time advising clients from a variety of industries on data-driven strategies, while keeping up-to-date with the cutting edge commercial applications of data science. Richard co-authored the book “R in 24 Hours”, was the first president of the R Consortium, sits on the RSS Data Science Section Committee and is a sought after speaker at industry leading events. Using his wealth of experience, he helps companies make better decisions through data, and remove any perceived constraints on the limits of data science, sharing that it can inform and transform all aspects of a business.

Shingisai Pfuma Makwembere

Technical Solution Architect, HM Revenue and Customs


Shingisai is a Solutions Architect working for HMRC which involves engaging with key stakeholders and executing structured analysis in order to solve business problems and transform those into technical designs. As an IT professional Shingisai has extensive experience developing, deploying, and evaluating solutions regarding key business areas aimed at improving quality and efficiency, including finance, sales and marketing, CRM, logistics and operations.  Shingisai is passionate about technology in particular disruptive technology and to that end has obtained key certifications in Disruptive Innovation from Harvard Online Business School, Agile Project Management and Lean Six Sigma

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