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24 Jan 2019
The next stage in your cloud transformation: Managing your data

This workshop is part of the Enterprise Systems stream 

Whether your data is all in the cloud or a combination of cloud and on premise, join this workshop to explore cloud data management in more detail. The session will help you develop a more effective cloud data management strategy – discussions will include data at rest, data in transit, accessing data as well as securing data.  As organisations now see a comprehensive cloud strategy as an expected solution, this session will be immensely valuable in ensuring you get yours right.
This workshop is ideal for those members working on their organisation’s cloud transformation – whether a technology leader, cloud specialist, an infrastructure and operations expert, an architect, business analyst or project manager.

Session takeaways

  • Gain a range of strategies from different organisations which can be taken back to your organisation to improve or create your cloud data management strategy
  • Different methods that can convince the business of the benefits of your data mangement strategy
  • A clearer understanding of why and how GDPR and other security considerations impact your data management strategy

Provisional agenda
Arrival and registration
10:00 Welcome, introductions, and goal-setting
10:20 Roundtable discussion: what makes an effective data management strategy?
10:55 Refreshment break
11:05 Presentation: Derek Scuffell, Science & Technology Fellow: Digtial Innovation Labs, Syngenta
11:50 Roundtable discussion: Convincing your organisation to invest in cloud technologies
12:25 Lunch
13:15 Morning summary
13:20 Presentation: Mark Howell, Technical Expert IT Facilities Engineering & Managing (EMEA), Ford Motor Company
14:05 Break
14:15 Presentation: Mark Vassallo, Global IT Project Manager, British American Tobacco
15:00 Interactive session: your organisation's data management strategy
15:45 Summary
16:00 Close

Presentation descriptions

Derek Scuffell, Science & Technology Fellow: Digital Innovation Labs, Syngenta
Sustainable Data Strategies driven by Semantic, Open and FAIR data. Making data fit for the data ecosystem, and responsive to market disruption

Data today is produced by geographically diverse stakeholders for public and private purposes, with an even greater diversity of ways in which those data are collected and integrated. To meet the challenge of helping business practitioners make better decisions, we need to accept that we can no-longer keep physically bringing data sets together, but have an approach that harnesses these hugely diverse datasets across a data ecosystem. A data ecosystem where data are produced with a view to reuse will catalyse new technical advances, such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things to reach their potential sooner, and help deliver better services to consumers and businesses in the value chain.
This challenge in data exploitation, for business benefit is being met right now and you are probably unaware it’s happening. Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s compelling and ambitious vision for the web was that it would be connected data (not connected documents).  Way ahead of its
time, the vision was that data would be hyperlinked, forming a web of data, that is queryable and crosses organisational and geographic boundaries.
To enable this change there are aspects of the data ecosystem which need exploration and championing for successful exploitation:
- business models that help data owners to share their data.
- good data husbandry and sharing,
- encouragement of data standards and frameworks that should be made as simple as
possible, but not simpler.
- automated data collection and annotation
All of these goals can be achieved through the application of FAIR data principles and data description frameworks such as RDF. Much of the “secret sauce” that drive consumer choice in major online marketplaces, digital assistants, dynamic publishing, and online gaming uses this approach.

Mark Howell, Technical Expert IT Facilities Engineering & Manager (EMEA), Ford Motor Company
In the interconnected enterprise, where is your company data and is it safe?

If you are asked by your management “Where is our data and is it safe?”
Is your answer “It’s in the cloud.”
We know the data is stored somewhere on the ground, hopefully in one or more data centers that are operated properly.The key questions are;
1.    Do you know where your company data is stored?
2.    Is the data properly protected?
3.    Is there a chance the companies data could become unavailable, compromised or lost?
4.    Is the building or buildings where the data is stored adequately protected and managed?
Mark will describe the risks and issues and how his team conduct due diligence of supplier and colocation data centers.

Mark Vassallo, Global IT Project Manager, British American Tobacco
GDPR and your cloud data

Mark will look to cover GDPR and its definitions of 'personal data' and 'processing', the differences between and relevance of a Data Controller and Data Processor for data in the cloud, and what GDPR has to say about security of data in the cloud.

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 24 January 2019

Summary: The next stage in your cloud transformation - Managing your data

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Derek Scuffell

Science & Technology Fellow: Digital Innovation Labs, Syngenta


Derek Scuffell has worked in the agricultural and life-science research in industry for the majority of his career. Recently he has been focusing on applying semantics and linked data to create enduring data assets for enterprises. Derek actively participates in a wide range of collaborations across industry, has contributed to an number of data initiatives, such as the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) network, and working in partnership with the Open Data Institute and the European bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) industry programme. Derek represented industry interests on the design for Agrimetrics a UK Agritech centre, and now sits on the Agrimetrics Advisory Board and is also visiting Professor, at the University of Reading in the School of Agriculture Policy and Development.

Mark Vassallo

Global IT Project Manager, British American Tobacco


Mark has been in IT for 34 years, largely in change delivery. His last 10 years have been spent at British American Tobacco, where he has held a variety of roles including BI, Portfolio Management, SAP Delivery, Finance Transformation and, latterly, GDPR compliance.

Mark Howell

Technical Expert IT Facilities Engineering & Manager (EMEA), Ford Motor Company


Mark is an IT professional with over 30 years experience, he has worked in many industry sectors including: Automotive, Outsourcing, Banking, Stock Broking, Pharmaceuticals, Oil, local government & charity. Mark joined Ford’s Accelerated Solutions Centre in 2001, and managed Ford’s European data centers from 2006-2011. Today, Mark is a member of Ford’s cross-functional Corporate Technical Specialist group, Mark is recognised as the IT Facilities Technical Expert, he is responsible for the planning and engineering of information and communications technology facilities (ICT Facilities) for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and process improvement globally. Mark has played a key role in the consolidation of Ford’s data centers, he has recently constructed modular data centers in Germany and South Africa and many smaller ‘Edge’ facilities, he is passionate about reducing the cost of IT infrastructure whilst ensuring the infrastructure meets the availability needs of business customers. Mark shares his knowledge and experience at industry conferences and has been a judge for the DataCentre Dynamics awards since 2012.

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