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25 Nov 2022
Project Managing in the changing world of work with the PMI Talent Triangle (PM SIG)

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Guest Speaker Topic: 

In our changing world, project professionals must be more nimbler and resourceful than ever to keep pace and create impact. As new industries, practices, and technologies emerge, project professionals and their teams are challenged to pivot quickly and work even more efficiently, so that they can deliver value in our changing world.  IT Project management skill requirements continue to transition from primarily focusing on technical project management skills, to now include strategic and business management skills. It is believed that organizations are seeking project managers to 'bring more to the table' by developing skills in leadership and business intelligence to support longer-range strategic objectives that contribute to the bottom line.

In order to bring more to the table, our guest speaker will explain why using the “Talent Triangle" which in short identifies the need for project managers to be technical, strategic and business management focused, can empower project professionals to develop a robust set of inclusive in-demand skills required for the business to stay competitive.

This session will focus on:

  • Exploring the concept and benefits of applying talent triangle, with specific focus on the models three key skill sets that have changed to help project professionals navigate this changing world of work and embrace smarter ways of working:
  • Ways of Working (formerly Technical Project Management)
  • Power Skills (formerly Leadership)
  • Business Acumen (formerly Strategic and Business Management)
  • Providing pragmatic ways to develop the key skills identified in the talent triangle model
  • Providing practical ways to apply and balance these three skills sets within the workplace

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