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24 May 2022
Master Mentor Module 4: Let’s polish Your performance - Style & Presence

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Module 4

Human interaction is crucial in mentoring relationship. Although mentors will represent a range of different personalities, there are some qualities which make them stand out. In this session we will be reviewing how important interpersonal qualities are and how to improve one’s emotional awareness in building successful mentoring relationships. 

By the end of this session, you will learn:

  • To understand how to foster a right environment for a mentee to flourish 

  • How to improve your interpersonal approach 

  • How to improve your emotional intelligence to nurture mentoring relationship 

Pre Session Resources

Debugging Your Team - Why Emotional Intelligence is important for Technologist

Post Event Resources 

Debugging your team – EI over AI. Part 1: Why is EI important for technologists?-Webinar (citf.tech)
Debugging your team – EI over AI. Part 2: How to use EI in the Workplace-Webinar (citf.tech)
Debugging your Team – EI over AI. Part 3: How to improve your EI-Webinar (citf.tech)
Pathway: Careers In Technology - Executive Presence (M4)-Webinar (citf.tech)

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