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19 Jan 2022
Practical Agile M1: Agile Origins and Principles (On-demand)

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The adoption of agile practices and values is often credited with improving the effectiveness of software developers, teams and organisations. Agile is a ‘means to an end’ rather than an end in itself. It originated as a means of describing different approaches to software development, but has become an umbrella term for capturing methodologies, ways of working and cultures that align with Agile principles. As such, it can be used it many different contexts and not just software development. The goal is of this module is for you to understand the fundamental ‘why’ one should consider the adoption, implementation and scaling of Agile within an organisation.

Justification for attending Practical Agile M1: Agile Origins and Principles:
By the end of this module you will have the understanding of the fundamentals that make up an Agile environment ways of working and being, and practical tips and real-life examples on the most effective components to embrace an agile mindset.

Key topics being covered will be the history and transition of software development life cycles (Waterfall vs Agile), Agile Manifesto and Values, Modern “principles” that build an Agile culture and why organisations should embrace being agile?

During this workshop you will learn:
- Understanding of the history of waterfall, Waterfall vs. Agile in the modern-day context
- Understanding of the Agile Manifesto and core principles of Agile
- Understanding of why an ‘agile mindset’ plays the most important role
- Understanding of modern ‘principles’ that build an agile culture

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Chetna Ghuliani

Agile Coach & Consultant


Being an IT professional for over 15 years, Chetna has worked with Agile teams in different organizations performing several Agile roles e.g., Scrum Master, Agile Business Analyst, Agile Delivery Lead, Agile Coach, Trainer and more recently as a consultant. What she enjoys most about Agile is – the practical application of Agile values & principles to help teams & individuals unlock and unleash their true potential and thereby creating value for themselves and the team/organization they are part of.

Shereen Billings

Business Strategy & Performance Manager


Shereen has over 15 years working in the Learning & Development and Technology within a variety of industry sectors, with specific expertise in project management, business analysis, agile coaching and multimedia communications. Before joining CITF, she performed various roles in project delivery, analysis and learning and development consultancy in flagship organisations John Lewis & Partners, London Olympics Organisation Committee, Samaritans, Marriott International Hotels and Caterpillar Logistics.

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