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15 Oct 2021
Business Relationship Management Special Interest Group

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Technology leaders and professionals are expected to deliver optimal business outcomes whilst meeting the multiple needs of their stakeholders. This can prove to be more challenging within a remote environment, which can lead to additional risks of issues to deliver outcomes for the needs of the customer and stakeholders if relationships are not managed effectively.

This Business Relationship Management Special Interest Group (formally known as Supplier Relationship Management) has been designed for member organisations to hear how peers have altered their stakeholder management approaches, tools and techniques for the virtual environment, and learn what methods have proven a real success.

The Business Relationship Management Special Interest Group are working towards the following common goals:
- Examine BRM members stakeholder challenges and successes through knowledge sharing on approaches, tools, and techniques used.
- Share best practices to engage and manage stakeholders in virtual environments, such as persuasion techniques to build stakeholder support.
- Establish best ways to deal with difficulties such as stakeholder rivalry and politics associated with managing multi-suppliers.
- Build a regular and professional support network of Business Relationship Management specialists

Business Relationship Management Special Interest Group Meetup Framework
All Business Relationship Management SIG meetups are designed for member organisations to hear peers insights, approaches, to learn real-life successful trialled and proven tools, techniques and methods that can be applied within the workplace.

Our guest speaker Alasdair Heathcote will share his experiences and insights, including the processes and tools adopted to help drive adoption of good practices within their organisation.

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Alasdair Heathcote

Global Sourcing & Strategy Supplier Manager


I’m MCIPS registered and have spent close to 14 years working in strategic procurement and supplier management roles, working both nationally and globally and across a number of categories and sectors. I’ve spent the last 5 years based within IT working undertaking a relatively senior role in a global company, headquartered in Switzerland but operating in over 100 countries across all continents. I have day to day responsibility for leading global sourcing strategies across our major technology platforms, specifically over a 3-5 year outlook. In addition, I hold responsibility for the on-going relationship management across a number of our more critical relationships within IT. Outside of the day job, I work for a football club in the UK recruiting players and also do some work for a major football agency based in Los Angeles – it keeps the negotiation sharp!


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