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25 Mar 2021
Pathway: Leading with Effective Communication - How Emotional Management Can Help to Improve Communication Skills (M1)

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Do you sometimes feel like you are missing the tools to deal with the emotions around you? Do you feel overwhelmed by them?

This interactive virtual workshop has been designed for you to learn how emotional management helps us improve our communication skills; and how to identify the main abilities that support a healthy emotional management process.

Claudia Buitrago, Psychologist; expert in emotional management will create a guided learning environment that will enable you to identify the communication abilities you have developed over the years and which need further exploration. Through practice and play, you will explore how to develop these abilities and get more familiar on effective ways to apply them.

You will be presented with effective strategies for a healthy process of emotional management, and ways to apply methods and tools to identify and comprehend other’s emotional states to drive effective collaborative working.

By attending this event you will:

·  Understand how emotional management influences the effectiveness of your communication skills. 

·   Identify abilities and strategies to manage your emotions.

·   Tools to comprehend and respond to other`s emotional states.

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Claudia Buitrago

Psychologist; expert in emotional management.


Experience in: Emotional process management for companies, educational institutions, governmental and non-governmental organization, Group and individual therapy, based on an existential-humanistic approach, incorporating expressive arts, specifically in the intervention of emotional management of grief and trauma / Design, development, and execution of educational and psycho-social projects. / Creation, design, and development of educational and therapeutic projects focused on promoting processes for emotional regulation and healthy communication / Support to organizations with emotional processes involving a great loss (the loss of a loved one, re-localization, loss or change of job, physical ability, etc.) / Support to organizations with traumatic events related to emotional management (war, conflict, or violence-related events.).


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