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26 Mar 2021
Understanding the Software Development Lifecycle (SDL) for non-Software Developers

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The Software Development Lifecycle (SDL) has been around for a long time and we all may have come across it at some point in our careers and if you’re not a developer it can often raise the question, what is the Software Development Lifecycle?

The Software Development Lifecycle comes with its own challenges for people across the business including those of us who are not developers, from Project Managers to Service Desk Analysts and these challenges can cause barriers for our day-to-day work.

By attending this event you will:

  1. Have an understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDL) and what it means.

  2. Understand some of the challenges that developers face.

  3. Understand where these challenges impact your day-to-day work & how to approach them.

  4. Give you an understanding of how to work with the development teams to overcome these challenges & work effectively together.


Target Audience: All within a PMO function, Business Analysts, Service Desk Analysts (there are more roles, as this could benefit anyone)



Will McGeehin

Head of Software Engineering, Home Office


Will McGeehin has over 10 years IT industry experience and has spent the last two years supporting Home Office in the development of their Software Engineering capability. Prior to his time at Home Office will lead a development team focusing on work across government, security, defence, and aerospace with exposure to a broad spectrum of tools and approaches. He also maintained a solid stream of assurance work looking primarily at regulated/safety critical software delivery. At Home Office, Will is currently leading work to reinvigorate technical recruiting practice, develop central guidance and standards for our technologists and develop a broad Software Engineering/DevOps community.

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