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26 Mar 2020
How to build and use your personal brand

Join our Personal Branding leadership forum to bring clarity to what your personal brand is and how you can use it.

Whether you're looking to grow the platform of yourself or your organisation, developing a clear personal brand is a hugely effective way of making that growth a success.

This interactive and thought-provoking workshop will help you to communicate your personal brand more effectively, making your voice heard in a crowded marketplace.

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From this session, you'll gain:
  • Clarity to your vision, purpose and mission
  • How your personality and values feed into your personal brand
  • A personal brand statement to start the process of articulating your personal brand


How to build and use your personal brand

Sophia White | Brand Strategist

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Sophia White

Brand Strategist


Sophia is an experienced brand strategist with over 10 years’ experience managing the effective brand promotion campaigns for global FMCG companies like Nestle, Coca Cola, Bacardi, Lindt, Vimto, Fullers, Yazoo and Diageo. She works with entrepreneurs across the UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Middle East, USA and Africa to define and create authentic Personal Brands with stories people want to read, like and follow. She enjoys taking clients on a journey to LIVE, WORK and SHARE their gifts, and lead with purpose as it gives her a chance to share her love for branding, personal development and mentoring. She looks deeper into the meaning of what you do and WHY? Allowing you to position yourself more effectively.


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