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21 Nov 2019
Case study: Operational efficiency at Tata Steel Europe

Operational efficiency is key in the day to day running of any organisation no matter what size, a well-oiled a process within a company can help reduce costs as well as labour in order to better make use of employee skillsets elsewhere.

The use of new technologies such as AI and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is making waves in organisations, automation systems are improving daily operations throughout organisations and improving productivity levels in the workforce.

ignio™ - Transformation through AI led Automation
ignio™ deployment at Tata Steel Europe for IT operations proves to be its own “digital disruption”, transforming the experience for both the IT team and users by applying AI led automation principles.

From start up, in less than 6 months the ignio platform covered 64 activities, transacted over 1600 processes, reduced lead times on user requests to minutes instead of days, hit over 90% accuracy and met 100% user satisfaction scores.

The early results are driving operational issues off the business agenda, allowing attention to focus on digital transformation and value creation.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to identify systems and tasks that can be improved in order to allow for smoother efficiency
  • How to get key stakeholders to improve operational processes


21 November 2019

Presentation slides

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Nick Reeks

Director IT, Vendor Management, Tata Steel Europe


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