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18 Sep 2019
Case study: Enterprise uses for VR

Pokémon Go rocked the mobile gaming world in the Summer of 2016. Its revolutionary use of AR (Augmented Reality) saw people interact with their surroundings in new and unprecedented ways. Since its launch, Pokémon GO has earned over $2.2bn and broken countless app engagement records. Both AR and VR (Virtual Reality) are gaining interest within corporate enterprises, with Gartner naming VR & AR among its top ten strategic technology trends for this year.

Figures from IDC show investment in VR & AR is only set to increase from $5.2bn (2018) to $162bn by 2020. As applications grow, it is crucial to reflect on tangible ways the tech can be used for business benefit.

In this webinar, Andy will be covering the virtual reality training solution created for Mundipharma as a training aid within their production facilities. It will look at the process they followed for creating a minimum viable solution, as well as what they found worked most effectively when using VR for training. Andy will also briefly cover some of the other AR proof of concepts they have, but the majority of the talk will be on their VR implementation.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How VR technology can be used as a training aid to significantly reduce cost and/or risk
  • What the process is for developing VR technologies to help ensure the creation of a successful product


Andy Oldroyd

Software Engineer, Mundipharma IT Services


Andy Oldroyd is a software engineer with a focus on successfully delivering innovative technologies into enterprise environments cost effectively. Helping to run the innovation team, he creates proof of concepts then, presuming this has proven business value, works on creating a plan for delivering them into production in a sustainable and manageable way

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