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07 Aug 2019
How to: Handle conflict in the workplace

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Given the varying personalities at work, some conflict is perhaps inevitable. Studies have shown that employees spend on average one day every month dealing with conflict at work. While it can cause tension, conflict can also help to spark creativity, provide a better means of problem-solving and even ultimately improve relationships.

It’s important to understand how conflict arises and put in place employee practices better placed to manage conflicts that could harm the team.

Studies have shown that employees spend on average one day a month dealing with conflict at work. In the UK on average 276,000 working days are lost due to labour disputes.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The top causes of conflict and which one produces the most problems.
  • Learn the language of positive communication to reduce negative emotions.



David Edmonds

Executive Coach


Before starting his own practice in 2011, David Edmonds trained with a large international coaching organisation for three years. Now, as an accredited Executive Coach David is an expert at taking high-performers to the greatest levels of success and loves the positive impact coaching has on people’s lives.

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