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26 Mar 2019
Recruitment methods for a diverse talent pool

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Recruitment methods have advanced significantly over the past few years with the aim of bringing in as many skilled applicants as possible. The classic example of recent years is the change in how job descriptions have been written, from being male-orientated to a far more gender balanced approach.

In our aim to make our organisation constantly attractive to a wide set of people, however, there are many more methods which can be employed to ensure we are picking from the widest range of talent for the jobs we need. This webinar will discuss and share some of those methods which can benefit your organisation by bringing in great talent to your team.

Session takeaways
  • Gain a clearer understanding of what recruitment methods you can be using for your technology team
  • Hear the pros and cons of each, and how you can go about implementing them properly
  • How you can monitor each method's effectiveness for bringing in diverse talent for your organisation




Steve Shutts

Chairman, ASTRiiD


ASTRiiD is a charity organisation providing meaningful work for those with long-term health problems. As a champion for those in the "invisible talent pool", Steve advises organisations on how to best work with this marginalised group and bring them back into the world of work.

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