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20 Mar 2019
One year on: GDPR and continuous compliance

How are you dealing with the GDPR legislation now – have you seen an increase in subject access requests and is this causing a strain on your business? Are you managing personal data appropriately in your organisation – do you have the necessary systems and processes in place? Are you confident that you are managing the fast flow of data around your company?

Mark Vassallo, Global IT Project Manager at British American Tobacco, will look to cover GDPR and its definitions of 'personal data' and 'processing', the differences between and relevance of a Data Controller and Data Processor for data in the cloud, and what GDPR has to say about security of data in the cloud. This session is a recording from one of our most recent workshops around data, at which Mark's presentation was very well received.

Session takeaways

  • A clear understanding of the requirements that GDPR places on organisations, as well as the common misconceptions surrounding who and what it affects
  • A comprehensive overlook of how other enterprises have been affected by GDPR, and the consequences they have faced from not maintaining continuous compliance
  • Gain a full scope on the obligations of a data processor
  • A handy summary of what new data protection legislation is coming down the road to begin preparations for



Mark Vassallo

Global IT Project Manager, British American Tobacco


Mark has been in IT for 34 years, largely in change delivery. His last 10 years have been spent at British American Tobacco, where he has held a variety of roles including BI, Portfolio Management, SAP Delivery, Finance Transformation and, latterly, GDPR compliance.

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