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21 Feb 2019
Containers: why and how to use them

Enable your development teams to be able to deploy software quickly and efficiently, as well as at great scale, with containerisation.

Join this webinar to hear more about the advantages of using containers to allow you and your teams to develop applications faster and more reliably.

If you are a Developer, DevOps Engineer, Architect or simply interested in learning more about the practical application of containers do not miss this webinar.

Session takeaways

  • A clearer understanding of what containers are and their capabilities
  • How you can go about implementing them to really speed up application development and improve reliability


 21 February 2019

Summary: Why and how to use containers

Download this CITF summary on why and how to use containers.

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Jacob Tomlinson

Lead Engineer, Met Office Informatics Lab


The Met Office's Informatics Lab is a specialist team which focuses on solving long term issues within the Met Office by creating prototypes of solutions. A major focus is making the hundreds of terrabytes they produce useful for people. Jacob's role is leading on the technical infrastructure in these projects. This ranges from designing experiments to evaluate new technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Hadoop and Spark, to architecting big data systems on AWS or Azure. He also write, give talks and share the lessons they have learned in the Lab.

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