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09 Oct 2018
Using human sensitivity to offset the phishing threat


Why attend?
  • Learn how the wisdom of the crowd can benefit your cyber security efforts.
  • Find out how emotions are used to socially engineer everyday consumers and users.
  • Hear different methods for identifying malicious emails.
  • Hear how to structure an anti-phishing program and the value associated with doing so.

This webinar will look into the value of implementing ‘the wisdom of the crowd’ in your information security and anti-phishing efforts. This broad-based discussion will cover integration of human intelligence into cyber security, examples related to phishing and basic approach to recognition, reporting and mitigation of malicious email in your environment.

COFENSE (formerly PhishMe) comes highly recommended from two of our member organisations.


 09 October 2018

Presentation Slides

John Robinson, Anti-Phishing/Cyber Security Strategist, COFENSE

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 09 October 2018

Key Learnings

John Robinson, Anti-Phishing/Cyber Security Strategist, COFENSE

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John 'Lex' Robinson, CCTA

Anti-Phishing/Cyber Security Strategist, COFENSE (formerly PhishMe)


John has spent 30 years working in the information technology sector for small businesses, global Fortune 20 organizations and Government Agencies in fields ranging from Security Awareness and Risk Management (Disaster and Business Continuity) to Infrastructure Development and Service Delivery Process Improvements. He is a frequent speaker on personal responsibility and ethics in information security and has published multiple books and papers on topics from security awareness to social engineering.

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