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19 Jul 2018
Reverse mentoring

Shereen will be sharing her insights into, and personal experiences of, Reverse Mentoring. The session will focus on the benefits organisations can yield from implementing or enhancing existing mentorship programmes.

Shereen had no idea that the beginning of her career journey would lead to her becoming a technical training specialist within the John Lewis Partnership; playing a major role in devising the strategy to raise the technical capabilities of Head Office IT Partners.

Shereen attributes coaching and mentoring as a key part of her development into the seasoned and innovative L&D professional she is today. These support channels have encouraged her to always stay curious, continuously learn through experiences and consistently deliver outputs that gained leadership sponsorship. 

Key Takeaways

  • Learn why and how your organisation should set up a reverse mentoring programme
  • Find out how it works in practice, gaining insight from one mentee's experience in the programme



Shereen Billings

IT Training & Development, John Lewis Partnership


With a business and multimedia degree in tow, Shereen developed her corporate career in human resources while working for flagship organisations such as Caterpillar Logistics, Marriott International Hotels, London Olympics Organising Committee, and the John Lewis Partnership.

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