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07 Dec 2023
Women who mean business: Catherine Lewis | Deutsche Bank

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Join us for an exclusive video session featuring Catherine Lewis, CIO of Treasury at Deutsche Bank, as she shares insights into her remarkable career journey and experiences. Delve into the importance of cultural nuances in her career, drawing from her diverse background working with both American and European organisations.

Explore Catherine's unique perspective on coaching, from her decision to train as a life coach during the pandemic to becoming an accredited coach. Gain valuable lessons from her leadership role in a global GDPR project and discover her advice for those contemplating a career pivot.

Don't miss Catherine's top tips on leadership and career success – a conversation filled with wisdom and practical insights.



Catherine Lewis

CIO | Deutsche Bank


Catherine Lewis, currently serving as CIO of Treasury at Deutsche Bank, is a seasoned Senior Technology Manager and Leadership Coach. With a wealth of experience, she has skillfully managed development teams to successfully deliver large-scale, transformative projects. Catherine is recognised for her strategic acumen in aligning technology initiatives with business objectives, fostering innovation, and ensuring operational excellence. Her multifaceted expertise extends to coaching and leadership development, making her a sought-after professional in the dynamic realms of finance, technology, and leadership. Catherine is dedicated to driving impactful change and achieving excellence in every facet of her professional journey.


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